Boxing Day

Why this singling out of one sport to the detriment of others? What crime have they committed to be excluded from having a Day of their own? I hereby modify the List of Holidays to include the following-

1. Match fixing day for cricket. The anniversary of the first match fixed will be celebrated on this day, every year. The movie on match-fixing (Jannat) will be screened to celebrate the event. Speeches from invited celebrities accused of fixing matches will be a highlight.

2. World Hooliganism Day for English Football. Hooligans of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but A FEW TEETH. Knock them out, guys!

3. F-1 Day. This is not a cuss-word, but about the motor-sport where adults drive things that should be logically driven by kids, at speeds that can kill- and do! Celebrations are in order, what?

4. Archery Day. How can we forget the (blood) sport that won so many wars before Mr. Nobel's invention of gunpowder (or was it dynamite?) that put it to shade?

5. Doper's Day for all the athletes who ever took dope to win a sporting (?) event. What a way to compete. Thank you for showing us THE WAY. The coaches who encouraged them would be honoured too.

6. Sailor's Day. Not many know what sailors do, because frequently, they sail into troubled waters and are never seen again. But we must give a chance to those who do return, to have their Day!

7. Golfing Day. Everyone needs to salute the greatest game ever invented (sorry for filching the phrase from Sholay promos). Golf widows should be made chief guests and given a chance to swing a golf club at their so-called husbands. This was so well demonstrated by Tiger's wife, for a different reason. Just do it!

8. Tennis Day. I used to watch Tennis in my younger days. I can at least figure out what's happening, if this day is celebrated, once a year.

9. Badminton Day. This will be exclusive to the countries which subscribe to Michael Jackson's anthem- I'm BAD. Mostly, these are Asian countries, with one shining exception- Denmark.

10. Finally, for patriotic reasons, we MUST have a Gilli-danda Day. Otherwise, what will all the nationalists think? We can't allow FDI (Foreign Dominated Indian) sports, can we?

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