Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

This is a review of the film version of the play.

A story of a complex relationship between a couple- actually, two of them, it explores nuances of a married relationship in all its 'glory'. Love, tenderness, neurotic behavior, violence, politics of getting married to the 'right kind' of people to further careers, and more. It's all there.

The film is great to watch for the dialogue and the histrionics of the stars Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. If you expect glamour or stylized violence like today's movies from Hollywood, you will be sorely disappointed. If you want to look at human reality with all its magic and warts, you will applaud it. It is that kind of a movie. Was a play originally. For some reason, I was reminded of a play by Tennessee Williams called Cat on a Hot Tin Roof while watching it.

The second couple plays an ideal foil to the star couple, and put in a great performance as well.


Dushyant Chaturvedi said...

Elizabeth Taylor is kickass. One of those few movies which are better than the book/play which they are based on.

Rajendra said...

Yeah, maybe a play is easier to adapt. A novel is more difficult, as there is a lot of sub-text.

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