Iftar at Campus

There was an Iftar party last evening to mark Ramzan, at the campus. It was a nice affair, with a great spread. Made me think about the several parties at our club in Singareni Collieries while I was growing up. I don't know about grown-ups, but we kids (then) had a lot of fun at those. Generally groups of us would gather, play various games, gossip, do singing sessions, and so on. We were left alone by parents, and sometimes had to be dragged home late at night by them.

I learnt how to play Badminton, Table tennis and Billiards at the club. Swimming too was a regular pastime in the hot Andhra summer, reaching 48 degrees centigrade. I remember doing a lot f cycling too. When we lived in Bellampalli, we had a foursome and played a lot of Bridge (now you know the secret of the razor-sharp brain, ha, ha). We did not have TV then (till 1980 or so), and I don't think we missed much.

Iftar is the breaking of the fast for the Holy month. I have never been able to fast, and I have great respect for those who have the self-control to do it.


Diamond Head said…
I am slow that way too

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