Researching Microbreweries

Went to a research conference on Social Media Marketing in Bangalore. During the after hours, tried researching the phenomenon of the microbrewery. Bangalore was the pioneer when it came to pubs in India. The first one started around 1983 and was called Ramada's. The later ones tried distinguishing themselves with different decor and ambience, and some even shut down due to 'recession.' Bier Keller at Hyderabad, and 10 Downing Street (ditto) are some I remember going to. Then I grew old, and the noise got to me, so I did not go to any for a long time.

But now, there is a reason to do so, if you qualify- as in, if you above the drinking age. The reason is 'product variety' or novelty. And a tastier, fresh beer. The two microbreweries that I tried out thanks to a friend (purely for research, of course!) both had interesting stuff. I had read somewhere that Trappist monks invented beer (naturally, in order to serve God through serving his creation), and one of the pubs probably in a tribute, had a variant known as Fat Abbott. Quite nice.

Another one had a wheat beer/ale that was very flavourful and smooth. There were stouts (brown/black) in both the places, but since I only had a small taster glass I can't tell you too much about those. By the way, a taster glass for sampling is a great idea.

Unsurprisingly, both are in the Brigade road area on either side of it. That's where it all began in the eighties.


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