Nostalgia or Deja Vu?

Either way, a walk from Richmond circle to Garuda mall, across the length of Residency Road made me remember the days when I was a student at IIM Bangalore. Our bus would drop us at the city office on Langford Road, and we, penniless as we usually were, walked down the Residency Road to gallivant at Brigade or MG Road. Speaking of which, two iconic places that were on MG Road then, have now moved one street, to Church Street.

Gangaram's book store was brilliant, and I bought many Wodehouses there, and also a lot of cards. Also my first copy of Ogilvy on Advertising- I still have one, but this is a different copy. We spent hours there.

The second was Indian Coffee House. It used to have the cheapest snacks and coffee. Omelettes and cutlets were generally our favoured snacks.

We had to rush back to catch the bus at 7.30 again, and if we missed that, our options were to catch a red-boarded (rural route) bus from K.R. Market, a very crowded bus stop a few kilometres away. Autos were not keen to go to the IIM campus, which was once the boondocks- no more so. And were expensive.

We intend celebrating our 30th reunion after 1984 later this year at the campus. So there's more deja vu in store!


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