Meeting Old Friends

I have realised that I have a major hobby. That is to talk about old times. I guess all old guys have this one. But there is a twist in the tale. I like to talk about old times with new people. And I have a huge stock of people with whom I can talk. That includes my 3000-odd students from around 9 places I have been in. The most recent ex-students are from IMT Nagpur/Ghaziabad.

So it was when I met Nikita at Pune. She is from IMT Nagpur, and now working. It was great catching up on old times, with of course, new perspective. She had been in the student placecom (committee) and that was one thing to talk about. Because this was the first time that IMT achieved record placements. It took years of effort, but it paid off. Nice to learn such things.

There was a lot of other gossip too, which will remain undisclosed, but it was great fun catching up. I recently met with lots of alumni at Bangalore too (Madhulika, Abhinav, Anupriya and Gowri-Sreeram from IMT and Sowmyashree from PESIT). And those meetings also produced a lot of good feelings.

Here's to more such!


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