Planning Commission Decommissioned

I am just trying to imagine what the Planning Commission must have done in their sixty years of existence.

Year 1-20

Have annual meetings to understand how to plan. Make a quarterly trip to Russia to educate themselves.

Year 21-30

Implement that learning. Keep everything (including bread, rice, sugar) in short supply, just like the Russians did. Make a government office unreachable, according to 'plan'. Fortunately, outings in Siberia for dissenters were not implemented. Must have been an oversight. Well, nobody is perfect.

Year 31-40

Change gears. Go on quarterly trips to the USA to learn how they could beat the s**t out of Russia economically, and make so many models of cars.

Year 41-60

Start making cars with power windows in India. Send IT guys to sabotage the US systems so they would be brought down to our Hindu growth rates. Lehmann Bros beat them to this in 2008, with innovative thinking.

And now there's no Planning Commission. Job well done!


Diamond Head said…
Are you getting a commission to write this? Is that the plan?
Rajendra said…
ha, ha, ha,..I wish!

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