Kevdeshwar Temple

There is an ancient temple I discovered on a short road-trip out of Indore yesterday. We had gone out hunting for a river (actually two) - Kshipra- at the closest possible site from the campus, due to a friend's time limitation.

Recently, the govt. has set up a meeting place for the Kshipra and the Narmada- two important rivers in the region, at a sangam (meeting point) near here. There is already a temple dedicated to Kshipra (deified version of the river) there. Pipelines bring in water from the two rivers and it flows through a ghat and out again.

On the way there, we found this ancient temple, Kevdeshwar, surrounded by huge banyan trees. A nice find. The green drive was also very enjoyable. Many of our attractions are hidden from the public, and one only discovers them serendipitously.


Harimohan said...


Diamond Head said...

River Hunting - that could be a new sport - as in hunting for a river rather than what is in it

Rajendra said...

Actually, we totally forgot to take pics, as it was an impromptu trip. Next time, maybe when you visit, Hari.

DH, it would be on the lines of Goodwill Hunting!

Diamond Head said...

yes - Goodwill these days is indeed in short supply - so good luck with that

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