GK goes to PK's planet

We recently were visited by Mr. PK, an alien from somewhere, according to the movie PK starring Aamir Khan. What is likely to be discovered if we send our guy-let's call him GK- to PK's planet?

Nothing, except the inhabitants, and maybe carrot farms.

No clothes, hence no FTV channel (its USP doesn't exist)

No fights, hence no need for dialogues such as "(Hindi) Main tera khoon pee jaoonga, kaminey"

No religion, and therefore, no salvation

No love, and hence no hate

No lying, and therefore no facebook

No paper- only transmission of knowledge through holding hands

No God-men, and no discourses by God-men. A few more TV channels gone!

No spitting, and hence no need for a Cleanliness Drive, by whatever name

No political parties, and therefore no Arnab Goswami.


Garima S said…
so we should actually think of going there in a meditative mood....also if v loose our remote there will b no story.... :-)
Rajendra said…
yes, meditative and open-minded would be great, Garima. Don't even remotely consider losing the remote, unless you like the boring predictability.
Anuj Kumbhat said…
Sir, this was the best take on the movie yet!
Nishka said…
Loved "no lying and therefore no Facebook"
Rajendra said…
thanks, Nishka. "Truly"- ha, ha.

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