Federal Bank Selfie Account Opening

This is a real innovation. Federal Bank sent a mail saying to open an account with them, you can -

1. Download their App
2. Take a selfie
3. Scan your Aadhar card and PAN Card

and send them these.

Your account is open.

Why can't Passport offices do the same, instead of employing countless useless people and procedures to obstruct you from getting one? Or the RTOs for a Driver's License renewal?

That's what Digital India means to me.


Diamond Head said…
can I take a picture of my rupees (piled up high) and send it for a deposit?
Rajendra said…
hey, not a bad idea at all..
Rajendra said…
If they are piled high enough, the bank (and others) may come running..
Diamond Head said…
name of this pick up service = Rupi-ah le (come and get it)

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