Festivities and Productivity

Festivals we celebrate in a multicultural society such as ours are numerous. A rough calculation from my limited knowledge of festivals we celebrate shows that we have around 15-20 festivals of Hindu denomination or tradition, around 4-5 Muslim, around 2-3 Christian, and maybe 1-2 each of Sikh, Parsi, Jain or other faiths.

This totals up to around 2 months of festivities if you include the number of days we choose to celebrate each one, even if you don't celebrate each one fully. The consequences of this on national productivity may be negative, even though there are some positives that are intangible, like the joy of meeting family and friends with whom we celebrate, building up a community feeling, and so forth.

But if we have to improve our own productivity, we may need to choose a few to celebrate and choose not to celebrate others. Of course, that is a choice that we may have to make individually, in order to raise the national standard of living and remain globally competitive.

There are of course, other ways to improve productivity such as better time management. But this is not about those.


Diamond Head said…
I say its a conspiracy of the Nehru and Gandhi families to not expose our society to all other freedom fighters. We could have gotten away with 365 days of holidays - one for each Jayanti.
We could have used the extra day in the leap year as a break from all the holidays to decide how best to get back to work.
Rajendra said…
not bad at all, the thought of that is intoxicating..but I have to get back to work, I guess..

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