Book Worm in Bangalore and a Farewell Here

I did two things in Bangalore that I am proud of, apart from work. (Work as in writing a case study about a company started by a former student-turned entrepreneur. Abhinav runs a company called Ten Motion Arts in Bangalore.)

1. I rode the metro, though it's only a toy train between three or four stations right now.

2. Went to a book store-now my favourite, off MG Road, called Book Worm. This has a delightful collection of old books. I got a Dave Barry and a few humour and wit books so I can sound witty for a while- here and there. I will of course treat all you readers to samples of this wit as we go along, in the days to come.

Back home in Indore, my long-time academic assistant Saumya is moving on. So we went out for a farewell lunch. She has been invaluable in helping manage the technical aspects of preparation -downloads and stuff- and grading of exams, and will be missed. Well, I moved so many times, so I don't reallly blame anyone for moving on. I think it helps you grow.
                                        Pic with Saumya (centre) and Shweta, my colleague.


Diamond Head said…
that seems like a strange lunch arrangement - my full 2 cents (some folk give a penny for a thought and I do think there is a scam there)
Rajendra said…
ha, ha, yes, DH, this setting was good for a pic..the lunch was partaken elsewhere in the restaurant.

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