Shut Down Coffee Day

There is a call to shut down a few things, of late. I am joining the bandwagon (what's a bandwagon, by the way?)

Shut down offices, because they make you work, and I don't like to work.

Shut down Coffee Day, because it's serving more froth than coffee. Similarly, shut down McD's in the U.S., because they give you ice in the garb of Coke in those deceptively large "regular" glasses.

Shut down temples and churches, because their bells are too loud.

Shut down cinema halls, because they show stuff that may make people creative and make them question the status quo.

Shut down hospitals, because they kill a few patients now and then.

Shut down Art Galleries, because I don't nderstand what these guys paint..and the sculpture studios, because they make people in these weird shapes..

I am somewhat exhausted, but you can't shut ME down..


Diamond Head said…
Coffee opens one up - so it sounds oxymoronic
Rajendra said…
Some happenings prove that truth is stranger (and more moronic) than fiction.

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