European Odyssey

Mediterranean blues.
Rural France, Pleudiry.
Scary French God/Devil.
Greek God?
They do have forts.
Stranded? No, Anne (below) rescued her.
This was a memorable trip that took us to rural France where a friend, Anne lived. Her mom is an artist, and we were able to see some of her paintings. Rennes, Dinan and a few other spots were visited with Anne. Mont St. Michel too, by the sea. Speaking of seas, the Greek odyssey saw us take a ferry from Brindisi to Patras via Corfu, which I had read about in Gerald Durrell's book My Family and Other Animals- a great book.
The colour of the sea in Greece is a lovely deep blue. Poseidon, Athena and a few other Gods and Goddesses came to life at various spots in Greece. Lively and quarrelsome people, chaotic just like us Indians. 


Diamond Head said…
Shouldn't Anu be wet in the picture since the rock is poros?
Rajendra said…
Point. I shall spray the pic.

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