Singapore is a Fine Country- What About Us?

This is a line that refers to the discipline enforced with fines of various types by Singapore. If we wanted to make ours a fine country, and earn billions in revenue for use in social causes, these would be my top picks-

1. Loud-mouths fine-anyone speaking above a normal decibel level in public would face a debacle.

2. Dicourteousness fine- showing discourtesy to fellow human beings would be a fine reason for one.

3. Littering fine- not applicable to cats or dogs, but to humans who litter-they haveto realise they are not cats.

4. Boasters Fine- those who talk about themselves, their language, or place they come from in boastful terms would be eligible to pay up. My guess is, we might be able to end the puffery pretty quickly.

5. One for those who forward posts containing errors in spelling or grammar. This alone should net millions.


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