My Colleagues from IMT and PESIT

There were many colleagues who I run into now and then, from each of the places I worked in. Some are in touch through fb. We always remember the good old days.

Shahida from PESIT is now a prof. at ASCI, Hyderabad. A good communicator, and accomplished researcher, she was always willing to take on any challenge. Manasa, who did a lot of leg work to make one of the programs at PESIT take off, was always experimenting with work choices, independent consulting being one of them. A Bangalorean to the core, mild-mannered and friendly.

Murali Mohan (PESIT), apart from being well-liked by students, also danced his way into many hearts. He was a pro at Kathak- not many in my list are into classical dances. Males, none at all apart from him. Manoharan, who is a good friend, now at BMS in Bangalore, and I collaborated on several papers, and we presented a few at Great Lakes conferences in Chennai. SP Kumar, who was a guy with deep industry experience, introduced me to his club, City Institute in the heart of Bangalore, where we spent many evenings.

Prashant Bharadwaj, part-PESIT, and working with IUP in the US, was great to work with.

At IMT Nagpur, we had a great group, consisting of Gadgil, Vijayakumar (my Golf buddies), Halve, who initiated the annual faculty outings and faculty parties that rocked, and TK Chatterjee who is now a brand ambassador for karaoke in India (just kidding), and Anant Ram, and many more. Jitendra Sharma, Maheswaran, Ekkirala, Milind Fadnavis and Kamble, and Pradeep Mazumdar are also an integral part of IMTN.

Ghaziabad was made tolerable due to many nice colleagues- among them, Seeta Gupta, Bindu Gupta, Lipi, Shalini, Bhavna Bhalla, Sandeep Puri, Sita Mishra and Susmi with whom I collaborated to publish, and Jyoti and many others who joined during that time. Jayanti Ranjan remains in touch, and we met at a conference recently.


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