Shivaay- Film Review

Ajay Devgn is an actor I like, right from his debut film Phool aur Kaante. I am not so sure about his directorial capabilities, though. A good director has to be a good editor, for me. This film is badly edited.

The story is good- actually, gripping at times. The acting is uniformly good. The casting is almost perfect. The only problem I have is the length of the movie. About 20-25 minutes shorter, it would rank high up there. That's where Bond usually scores over his Bollywood rivals.

Girish Karnad is the only character in the film who keeps it short and sweet. All others stretch their dialogue or scenes too long, in my not-so-humble view. The special effects, action (Bond-ish) and the scenery keep you interested, for most part. I was impressed by the lovely Erika Kaar, by far the best import into Bollywood in recent times. The kid (Abigail) too played her part well.

This is Erika Kaar, a Polish actress who plays the heroine.


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