Kaabil- Film Review

My view of this film is mixed, tending towards the "Don't watch" side. Why? Let me explain.

The plot of revenge for a misdeed has been done to death in a number of formula films in the seventies and eighties, with better actors- Dharmendra, Amitabh to name just two. Even though Hrithik is good, he pales in comparison. He is also handicapped by the script that makes him blind. And revenge is the worst way, in my view, to show the Kabiliyat (ability) of a blind person.

What could (with a better story/script) have been a heart-warming journey to discover the everyday travails of a lovely couple in love (the first fifteen minutes are actually good), overcoming their lack of eyesight, meanders into a formula film of impossible-to-believe stunts that stretch your credibility. Yami Gautam is mostly wasted in cliched stuff, unlike in her earlier films (I think Vicky Donor was one of them). Comparisons may be out of place, but a remake of Koshish would have been a much better idea. (Gulzar's Koshish was about a deaf-mute couple, amazingly done by Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri). Might have given Hrithik/Yami a role of a lifetime.

And the last word- on the music. If Rajesh Roshan, one of my favourite music composers (with films like Julie, Yaarana, Des Pardes, Baaton Baaton Mein), has to come down to rehashing his own tunes, the end of the world must be close.


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