The Lesser Players of Bollywood

There are a lot of character actors in Bollywood who add their charming little acts to the proceedings. Here is recounting a few from their heyday-

Iftikhar- usually playing the Commissioner of Police, he lightened up in Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye..

Om Shivpuri played many small but important characters, like in Don (the Amitabh original).

A.K. Hangal made Ramukaka, the homely servant popular, but played a horny old man in the comedy "Shaukeen" with panache too.

Om Prakash was an endearing character in most films, Chupke Chupke being one of his best roles as the jeejaji who is a stickler for Shuddh Hindi.

Nazneen excelled at the sister act- the hero or the heroine always had a sister in old Hindi films.

Keshto Mukherjee was the eternal drunk, and made this act his own.

David was the uncle or elderly equivalent in countless films, particularly noticeable in Hrishikesh Mukherjee's and Basu Chatterjee's films.

Ashok Kumar played many important roles long after he stopped being a hero, adding charm to lots of films.

Lalita Pawar, known as the mother-in-law without a heart, played a wonderful contrarian role in Anand, the Rajesh Khanna starrer. 

Sudhir, Mac Mohan, Viju Khote, Paintal, are some others that come to mind.


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