Why You Remember Places

Why do we remember certain places more than others? There are two kinds of places I am talking of-places where we have lived, and places which we have visited.

In both cases, a common reason may be the people we associate with the place. I have lived at least a year in the following places- Kothagudem, Bellampalli, Ramagundam, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Clemson, Greenwood (both in the U.S.), Bhubaneswar, Harihar, Lucknow, Kozhikode, Nagpur, Indore.

 Me at Athens, Greece and (below) my wife in Clemson, SC, USA.
Of these, the longest spell at one place as a grownup was at Harihar, where we had small class sizes in our MBA program, and therefore I tend to remember the students pretty well, even with my fading memory cells. There was also another unrelated reason to remember the place itself. An 18-hole Golf course in our colony (thanks to the Kirloskars) made me feel like a millionaire.

Nagpur, a campus (IMT) that was scenic, and people who were among the nicest anywhere, changed my ideas about the place ('hot as hell' would have been the earlier idea)- staff and students included, but the general population too.

Clemson was great for its atmosphere, scenic beauty, and what it taught me- the first baby steps towards research. Teaching too- as a graduate assistant, where I taught undergrads who were more scared of computers than I was!

Visiting places I liked in the U.S. were Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park. In Europe, Rome, Athens and Northwest France (Brittany) are places I remember the most. In Asia, it has to be Japan and Camobodia, which are very different, but memorable, though I also liked Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
At the Kodai golf course with Ravindra Gadgil, a colleague from IMT

Indian destinations that I like include diverse ones like Mandu, Jog Falls, Konarak, Hampi, Lonar, Leh, Goa, Udaipur, Nainital, Srinagar, Kodaikanal (for its Golf too), Kinnersani in A.P. where we had lots of outings as kids, and Bangalore and Hyderabad among the cities. 


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