Why We Do What We Do

This is my own take on motivation, so all the behavioral scientists please put away those guns.

I am assuming that we have enough food to survive. If we don't, we will of course, beg, borrow or steal. That's not what I am talking about. The higher order things, is.

Read a book- because we know it will transport us to another world, which is either better than ours (romance, true love, chivalry, equality, utopia), or a temporary escape (murder mystery, Harry Potter,..)

Watch a Film- I mainly watch it for entertainment, but sometimes to understand things better. It's a different medium, and it's great to try and understand anything that the director is trying to convey visually, even if you disagree with the pooint of view. I have (mostly) stopped watching a film for an actor/star, because most of them are actually disappointing, or too stereotyped.

Travel- I still find travel is one thing where I learn a lot. Combine it with a meeting with a friend, and it's the icing on the cake. I find the behaviour of airline crew extremely funny on most days, and also bus crew (I do travel on the bus- I am grounded, that way). It always leads to something unexpected. I remember a foggy Delhi led our flight to land in Jaipur one time-it was with colleagues from IMT Ghaziabad.

Listen to music- I find it extremely relaxing. Always have. I can do it for hours, usually without getting bored.

Facebooking- both in terms of connecting with people who are otherwise difficult to connect with, and doing useful things like crowdsourcing ideas, I find it a great and easy medium..and of course, to propagate what I write here. Hope you are still reading!

Blogging-it's the best form of self-expression that I have discovered. Better than writing text books too..that's too much work :)

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