Industry Interaction for a B School

Location decisions for a B school must take into acount the need for frequent industry collaboration of various hues that can enrich the B school. From guest lectures to projects and case-writing, a lot can happen over coffee- I mean, these interactions.

A business school can also consider having a Golf course attached if it is not in a prime metro location, so that it can attract corporates to visit. This might overcome some of the locational disadvantages, besides teaching students the game, to improve their networking skills (and bragging rights).

To prove that I am not talking through my hat, here's a pic from a recent guest session in our Mumbai campus from Divya Singh, a founder of Cyclitics, an analytics company. It's easy to do this kind of a thing in a metro, and is the key to the success of Jamnalal Bajaj Inst. of Management Science, Mumbai and a few others of its type. The ones in remote locations struggle to give the necessary practical side of management inputs to its students.

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