Reflections with a Broken Arm

Ok, technically, it's the wrist, but that's not really the point. It puts you in a situation you did not expect. The benefits of being in this situation?

You learn empathy. Instantly. For anybody with restricted movements, abilities.

You get attention. Unexpected kindness. A lady came up in an airport lounge and served me some food, seeing me having some difficulty opening the heavy lids. I was grateful. Airport security also gives you more attention, by the way :)

You learn to manage with less. Shopping for unnecessay things becomes an even lower priority than usual.

If you cannot drive, you finally get more exercise than your car.

You get a new wardrobe- to fit the accoutrements you are forced to wear, like the cast.

You are a temporary POP star, if not a rock star- the Plaster-of-Paris cast ensures that!

You meet some good doctors-I did.

You learn what insurance pays for and doesn't. Useful info in life.

Life does not change permanently, but it does change perspective.

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