How to Make Friends

Look around you. Virtually everybody is a potential friend (or stranger-depends on how you look at them). So how do we make friends?

I can explain how I seem to make them. I already have many-cousins, playmates from childhood, hobby-mates, classmates from school, college, MBA class, Ph.D., and so on. So one way is to get an education-plenty of it. The upside is you will make lots of friends.

But you also have that funda about two or three degrees of separation. You know person A, he or she introduces you to B and C. You then have potential friends. Most ex-colleagues are also friends.

Former students who I meet are also among friends. With some, I am more like family, having visited them at home- Swapna (in Singapore), Vrinda and Pallavi in Delhi and Bangalore respectively, come to mind. Shraddha in Mumbai, and Padmapriya in Delhi also. Anupriya and Nidhi Kanungo have visited me at my place in Indore. I keep running into students everywhere on a regular basis, and each meeting is a potential friendship opportunity- particularly after they have forgotten their grades! Some, like Jogeswari and Abhinav, have helped me write cases about their companies, that I use regularly!

My wife has ex-students, many of whom are my friends now (Vaseem, Vittal). So is the case with my daughters' friends-some of them, at least- I am connected to them on fb.

My book has helped me make friends-I run into people who have read it, and strike up a conversation. Starting with Marketing Research, and moving on to less boring things (!).

My Hindi music group has resulted in my making lots of like-minded friends. It's a long list- Poonam, Subbu, Shiva (and his Mom), Usha, OP, Geeta, Indira, ..

Running a contest for DP Awards on fb has made me a lot of friends (and enemies who spit fire when they don't win!).

And I haven't even talked about Golf!

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