Meetings with Students Past

Sometimes your students give you pleasant it was this Saturday. Anupriya, a past student of IMT Nagpur 9/11 batch, came home at IIm Indore. We have met a few times elsewhere, but for the first time here. She's currently with Relaxo footwear, in marketing.

It was great catching up- Jayasimha has also taught her, and we did some photography at his place and on campus spots-

 My office (above) and Jayasimha's garden (below).

..and before the weekend was out, I got another pleasant surprise from Akash Gupta, IIM Indore  '17 batch, who turned up at the (make-shift) Golf course on campus..we played some Golf, chatted some more..
So, in all, a weekend well-spent. I also went to the inauguration of our brand new MBA-H.R. program this Saturday..more on that later.

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