Suicide Rates in India

Something that I found truly sad in today's newspaper. Reporting about suicides in India by categories of people, there was a mention that Nagpur scores high on girl students' suicides. I find it sad that something (education) that is supposed to elevate a human being leads them into despair and despondency. And for what? Fear that a bad performance in an exam will bring about reprisal from parents, peers or the society. Is that why we want our kids to study? Not for shaping themselves into a better individual? It is obnoxious that a failure in an exam (which is someone else's evaluation of how good you are) should lead to such drastic consequences for some. What is it that we are doing wrong as parents, peers or whoever?

Everyone wants to be "successful", no doubt. But what if you are not? Is it such a big deal if I can't pass an exam in engineering, or the higher secondary or MBA? Why can't I make a second attempt? Or even, drop out and do some other course, maybe a language, or vocation, or anything that I can do successfully? If a degree is so important, there are many ways to get one- a distance program being an accessible method with many open universities around.

There is something seriously wrong somewhere, if suicide is seen as the only alternative to academic success.


Beyond said...

The Indian education system has got enslaved in capitalist society. Among the rat race to acquire a white collar job, our education system is producing more cattle folk than farmers. The educational heritage which imbibed 'guru-shishya parampara' has been destroyed. The Indian Education System whose objectives were acquisition of knowledge, inculcation of social duties and character building is now just focused on wealth generation. A teaching authority and fair-mindedness is lacking in our society. The fascination and craving for knowledge is missing among the students.

After volunteering for Teach For India, a thought struck me, I felt compelled and motivated to bring about a change in Higher Education, so that students can be educated rather and not just be degree holders. For I firmly believe that an educated soul is an enlightened soul and are the future of our society. With high hopes I decided to reach out to the educationalists. My first few experiences were bitter-a Dean Academic of a very prominent college openly announced cash for seat in the college to one M.Tech aspirant in front me and I knew that it was not my place to be, the other college whose director boosts of 41 years of rich teaching experience, renowned scientist and educationalist, gold medalist in M.E., holds Ph.D. from IIT(Bombay) and claims to chairman/expert/member of several academic bodies and institutes turned out to be a big dummy fed with money and no authority..

extract of my experience with education.

Rajendra said...

I guess there are no easy solutions. But students and parents need to introspect.

Diamond Head said...

Evil has many shades - not sure if suicide is a better option compared to the semi or uneducated bride being slow killed in a dulha's domain?

ಭಾಶೇ said...


After reading this, i am remembered of one of my friend in MBA in Marketing batch.

He told me, his parents never asked him to study too much, or punished him for not studying. He did it out of interest. He i not afraid to fail. Because he knew there are 2 people who will always be there in his side no matter what.

I don't think any kid would want to kill his/her-self, if they know that they are being cared that way. If they know/are told by their parents that it is okay to fail.

How many do that? Marks/grades are compared and self confidence is ruined, demolished every day.

Ending life looks like a very easy option. Those kids don't know what life is. They think what they have seen is what it is. But the grown ones should tell them there is more. There is more than grades, marks and passing in life.

We sit in one corner and crib about the numbers. If we need change, we need to change the elders mentality first. Then, the education system to kids.

Rajendra said...

Yes, Life is serious business, and should go far beyond grades...recognition comes if you excel at anything..I have met excellent drivers, masons, plumbers, carpenters, and farmers...and many more whom I haven't must be excellent. A degree cannot be the only purpose of life. Less educated entrepreneurs often make a lot of money, even if that is a criterion.

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