Economy- It Does Not Exist

There's actually nothing  like the economy! I just discovered this fact yesterday. A finance minister, the RBI governor, and so on are mythical characters. What does it matter to a man on the street (just a phrase, by the way, he may not actually be on the street), the aam aadmi?

There is no such thing as the economy. What is there is a commodity and a price for it. And either you can afford it, or you can't. Think of anything at all, and it fits this description. The rest is hoopla, baloney, verbiage,  and so on. So that the pink papers survive, like their yellow counterparts.

For an average person, there is nothing like the economy- only a set of commodities, services or products, sold to him by other services, like advertising, retailing etc. and some of these he ends up buying. And we teach people how to do these things.

So what do econo'mists' do? They create the mists that others try to peer through, and don't succeed. So their profession can thrive.


Diamond Head said...

Also the 'eco' nomists keep hearing their own 'echo' dishing out their same stupid theories year after year.. one of the biggest fallacy is that all the WORLD DEBT is going to get paid..there is no such thing..ergo all fin sector jobs are also a farce- keeps the jobless rate down - something the econos like to yak about.

Harimohan said...

The covers are off! The emperor does not really have any clothes on.

Beyond said...

The economy controllers have deregulated it in such a way that it has become economically misfit. There are huge spending's on luxuries and nil on essentials. The luxury remains with the filthy and the poor man keeps struggling for essentials.

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