Movie on Lumiere

Saw a movie on the Lumiere channel. It shall remain nameless, coz I believe the channel wanted it so. It was Norwegian, going by the story, scenery and some hints. Nice story, of a geeky guy who is befriended by  a girl who wants to move in with him, and does.

There is a group of friends at a swimming club who keep advising him about how to handle her, and his love life. She has a kinky friend with crystals and theories about chakras. Borrowed from India. And she herself is normal, by female standards. She believes in auras, and takes him for a spin to Paris and then throws a tantrum. She later moves up North to work (North is more beautiful and less populated), and falls for a guy there who is into watching eagles. The upshot is anxiety, and some time later, she realises the 'eagle-eyed man' is pea-brained, and comes back. Hunky dory till hero discovers she is carrying an eaglet inside her. End of love story. He throws her out and goes on the rebound into the arms of a girl he'd met in his travels, and whose advances he rejected.

Novel elements like the Norwegian scenery, the geeky guy's expressions (or lack of  them) and the one-liners which reminded me of Woody Allen, make it a nice film to watch.


smita said…
guess-'love aaj kal(LAK)'is one title which goes with most of the movies, may be we can add LAK-The Norwegian way..
Diamond Head said…
Movie could also be called ghanchakar or ghanchakra?
Rajendra said…
Yeah, love itself goes with 95% of all movies made. LAK is a good working title- so is Ghanchakkar!

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