Rowdy Rathore- Not a Review

What you have here is a picture of Rowdy Rathore (me) circa 1984, at a Delhi location- undisclosed, of course, because of security concerns. I am really amazed at the titles the cinema producers/directors come up with these days. Nothing against macho sounding names- after all, action movies have a wider appeal than love stories, just like wars have a wider appeal than peace initiatives, as history has proved. A so-called peace-loving nation like the U.S. is perpetually at war with someone just to prove the point.

But at least the titles can be a bit imaginative, like Sholay or at least Dabangg. Why a Rowdy in the title? Is the idea to put off family audiences (assuming they ARE put off by such things). On another note, Hema Malini disapproves of mainline heroines doing item numbers, if her views have been correctly reported. I would agree with her whole-heartedly. Helen was the ultimate item girl, and she was a specialist. The mainline heroines try too hard, and it shows, besides throwing professional dancers out of work. 

On a more positive note, Nagpur Crossword is doing a promotion of my book titled (no, not 'Rowdy Me', sorry to disappoint you) 'My Experiments with Half-truths', which is an autobiography that I wrote sometime ago. Coming Saturday, 7 pm. So I will get to taste celebrity status for a little while. Will let you know how it feels after the event. Shah Rukh, watch out, here I come!


smita said…
After years of hard work Indian cinema has come up with a realistic title 'Dangerous Ishq'(what a title sirji!)
ಭಾಶೇ said…
Wow! Promotion of your book! Cool!!!

I'd be eager to know your 'celebrity' time there! :D
Rajendra said…
Yes, Smita, Jism 2 sounds like a classic by comparison.

Sowmya, I will surely let you know on the degree of coolness.
Vinod Ekbote said…

Congratulations!! Glad to know about your book's publication and also launch. All the best. Act like an author who can write is the only advice I can give :)
Rajendra said…
Vinod, thanks. I will have to improve my acting skills, such as they are!

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