Biggest Indian Industries

Name the biggest Indian industries. Steel, cement, Power, IT, you said? Sorry but you are wrong. The following are our biggest.

1. Coaching industry. From IIT entrance to tying your new-born's diapers, they can coach you for anything. Even going to the moon, if you wish. The income is multi-billion dollars, but estimates are unreliable, as income is untraced for the most part.

2. The talking industry. This involves all the talkers who incessantly advise the cricket players, the Cricket board, the government, and everyone else. This might actually be the biggest creator of greenhouse gases, more than auto exhaust.

3. Movie and TV industry, euphemistically (and optimistically) known as the entertainment industry. Whom it entertains is anybody's guess, but in terms of turnover, it has made billionaires out of blocks of wood in human shape. And we are all the worse for it.

4. Cheap book publishing industry for class 1 to 10, 11 to 12, and college. And guide books for all these. Pavements of all Indian cities are full of these books, for a song, second hand and third hand too.


Diamond Head said...

Pavement comment gave me an idea - these books should be used as a quick fix to line the potholes of the pavements. Books will then literally pave the way for future generations of pothole diggers, which by the way is another booming business.

Rajendra said...

Yes, actually pothole making and filling together is probably a biggie too. Thanks for pointing it out, with the novel (puns, puns) method of filling them up.

Harimohan said...

That is fantastic news. I realised I have a foot in all four industries - coaching, talking, entertainment and publishing. Looks like I am on a good thing. Celebrations ahoy!

Diamond Head said...

Make that five you if you never stepped into a pothole?

Diamond Head said...

'Pun' dit,
If you think that was novel there are more hol(y)ee ideas that are yearning to come out of this pothole. Perhaps Bollywood could make a production called 'Pat(aal)hole' (as in hell) out of it?

Rajendra said...

Now we are getting punny! Wonder if stepping into paatholes improves creativity. Worth researching. And publishing.
Hari, please open a Swiss bank account. You are going to need it.

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