Moving On

I have a new responsibility given to me. The sad part is that it involves moving away from IMT Nagpur, a place that I have come to like a lot. But such is life. I am moving soon to IMT Ghaziabad as their Dean.

It is gratifying that with the help of excellent team work, we have put IMT Nagpur on the top-20 map of Indian B schools (numbering 3500 plus at last count). A recent reconfirmation of this came in the Business Standard report on Indian B schools published this week. It placed IMT Nagpur in the top 20 which they call the Superleague. The incoming batch which starts Monday will be the largest in our 8 year history, at 360.  Faculty here are among the best anywhere, and the staff's efficiency and courtesy is noticed by all visitors, and missed by faculty who have left us to join the new IIMs.

Alumni have given us great love and support, which was evident in all the five cities where we held alum meets last month. More than 500 alumni turned up to celebrate their bond with the alma mater. IMT Nagpur is also one of the leaders in faculty development programs, particularly in research methods, having done about 5 programs till date for B school, engineering and architecture faculty.

Here is wishing even greater success to IMT Nagpur. Cheers!


ಭಾಶೇ said...

Congratulations and All The Best! :)

Diamond Head said...

Chalo Delhi could be your nara.
Best Wishes and of course badhaaiyaan! Oddly I did not know where Ghaziabad was exactly located so I looked it up - it happens to be smack on top of Rajendra Nagar so apropo.

Rajendra said...

Ha, ha, coming home of sorts. Thank you, both.

Meghna said...

Thank you sir. We will uphold the prestige of our institute and surely take it higher. Wishing you a good time at Ghaziabad.

Rajendra said...

Thanks, Meghna. I am sure you will.

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