Inauguration at IMT Ghaziabad

It was the inauguration of the IMT Ghaziabad PGDM (MBA) batch today, and a large crowd of expectant students filled the hall up. It was their first day in class at IMTG, and they had a lot to listen to. The guest for the occasion was Mr. Ramana Murthy, Vice President HR at Coca Cola in India, who incidentally is from A.P.

He shared his life story briefly, drawing lessons for a typical student to transform into a leader over his career, with some sage advice. He also outlined pitfalls that come in the way, and suggested means to tackle them. He also asked them to identify their passion and select a career related to it. Of course, some of this advice gets clearer in hindsight, or as one progresses in one's career. For instance, my migration to teaching- and many others from my MBA batch did something similar, either becoming professors or entrepreneurs. Two of them are also into spiritual pursuits full-time (not the United Breweries kind). He also tackled well some tricky questions from the young minds.

All in all, a good beginning for all the youngsters, and my debut at Ghaziabad. The campus seems a bit small after Nagpur, but it's vibrant with 1000 plus hearts beating on it.


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