Selling a Ferrari

I am thinking about selling the Ferrari. But first I must remember to buy one. And become a monk. These things are getting harder and harder. Earlier, monks used to be monks. And Schumacher types used to drive Ferraris on the autobahns. Why are monks into buying and selling of the mean machines anyway?.

Anyway, having got this thought, I begin to ponder as to what else I can sell. Maybe I can sell my TV, and let someone else watch the trash that it can produce at the flick of a remote. But then, if they don't produce all that, the unemployment problem would get unmanageable.

Maybe I can sell my A.C. and prevent global warming. I understand that CFCs produced by ACs are responsible in some way for melting of Arctic glaciers. Now, that would be a cool thing to do- or is it warm?

I can actually sell my car (not the imaginary Ferrari) and not drive around so much. It will greatly improve my health and the health of those whom I afflict with my company on a regular basis. But what if they sought out my company and drove to meet me? Maybe I can persuade them to sell their cars too.

My song collection can also be sold- for a song. With a 1 cm multigigabyte-sized pen drive/memory stick, who needs cassettes/CDs and the like? An APPLE device a day keeps all other competitors at Bay!


Diamond Head said...

Buy the Ferrari with a radio and A C that works then have a party in the Ferrari with one other person .. Allowing you to sell the other AC and accouterments

Rajendra said...

Am applying to the World Bank for Party Funds!

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