The Unbearable Lightness of Moving

The feeling that you get when moving is unique, and I am liking it. When your house gets slowly stripped of its mute occupants- the furniture, the clothes, the cupboards (yeah, we still haven't graduated to wardrobes, if you are reading this from the developed world), and cooking utensils/pots and pans, and stuff like that. And you never know for sure if you'll see them all again. Usually you do, though.

What I feel is akin to a taking a bath in a tub, somewhat, for the feeling of slowly being enveloped by a soothing lightness, and the water creeping up on you as you slowly sink in.

What it also signifies is a new beginning, which you are normally very reluctant to make, but you don't have a choice in this case. And new beginnings are always exciting, for you don't really know what they'll bring. It's always a lot of unexpected things, though. You almost invariably make new friends, and are forced to re-evaluate old ones. Hopefully, this adds to your positive world view, and makes you a better person, having to adjust to a new reality and geography, and people.

In my case, there is also a re-evaluation of the files/books and papers that I like carrying around and that clogs up the storage space. Earlier, I used to be obsessed by photographs (the analog variety), but I have got over it now- fortunately for my luggage carriers.

So it shall be Delhi for me soon, and the Bong stronghold of Chittaranjan Park will be the abode for the foreseeable future. Here's to fish curry and rice! IMT Ghaziabad will no doubt dish out its own delights at lunchtimes.


ಭಾಶೇ said…
Guess we'll get to hear new stories of shifting and settling down.

:D Looking forward to!

All the Best Again! ;)
Rajendra said…
Sowmya, thanks for being positive about the (forthcoming) will embolden me to pen them is always a bit wary with these stories.
Vinod Ekbote said…

CR Park is where my bro lives. Nice place, btw. I hope to meet you there someday when I am visiting.
Rajendra said…
Hey, Vinod. Do drop in when you visit. I am single here and ready to mingle!

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