Inauguration of the 9th Batch at IMT

Convocation speeches and inauguration speeches fill me with dread, usually. That's because they tend to sound the same. It's like trying to make a romantic love story on celluloid. How many different ways can you do it? But today was a pleasant surprise. Both the invited speakers did very well, I thought, to keep things interesting, and the audience (of around 350) interested. Their style had one common factor-the use of stories, mixed with the usual advice to incoming students, about various things in life at a B school and beyond.

One was a marketing and content/creative specialist (producing Kaun Banega Crorepati among other things), another a senior HR professional, and both were great examples of how to speak to a large audience- even though captive, it's tough to hold an audience these days. To their credit, the audience responded well, with rapt attention and apt enjoyment of the delivery.

Our lunchtime conversation was equally interesting, ranging from CSR (Corp Social Responsibility) practices of corporates to astrology and several other things. Industry interaction is a great way to meet people from various companies doing very different things, and you learn a lot from them. Here is to more of it at IMT.


Diamond Head said…
Agree about new ways of looking at the world when you run into success makers in diff professions. If nothing you get to hear a new joke.
Rajendra said…
Yeah, even that is rare these days, what with the net having regurgitated every one of them.

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