Inspired to title it this way by the numerous di's and da's all around us who are becoming more important by the day. And also a general kolaveri of the original kolaveri di fame- those who haven't heard of this, please excuse-and update thyself.

What I meant to say is that I went to IIT Dilli for a conference whose theme is Excellence in Higher Education. And got a chance to interact with a few interesting returned NRIs among other beings. They are heading some new institutions-universities mostly, and in the private sector. So the boom may have begun, both for NRIs and univs. Hopefully it will attract good students and build a virtuous cycle.

A mass of macro level data was also presented and discussed, which generally makes little sense to me as I am a micro-brained person- I refer to its size, not pre-occupations.

Anyway, it was a nice experience and an ego-boost, because I met some readers of my text book, and they said they liked the book. So, I should attend more such conferences, is my major takeaway. Hopefully someone will host a few!


Diamond Head said…
Another pea brained question - if two negatives cancel each other out then does a 'Returned NRI' become merely Indian? What a waste of time.

Such thoughts help me waste mine.
Rajendra said…
We aren't sure they'll remain Indians, so it's good to be circumspect.

Incidentally, with my move to a new comp and so on, I am unable to comment on your blog. Until I figure that out, you may have to do without some sage comments!

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