Customised Cars

The most obvious first. Audi is for auditors.

Honda is for anybody who uses 'da' in his speech, as in, ennada, or lah, di, dah.

Toyota, is for people who don't know their To from their Ta. Yo-yoing between them, so to speak.

Tata is for those who are absolutely clear that they are bidding goodbye to someone by saying an old fashioned 'Tata' instead of the modern 'bye'.

Mahindra Logan is for the biryani khanewale logaan of Hyderabad (only Hyderabadis can figure this out. hint- 'aan' attached to any singular makes it the plural in Hyderabaadi).

Hyundai is for the guys who are ready to die for the car. Dil-o-jaan lutaane ko jee chahta hai, types.

The Xylo is for those who can figure out what a Xylophone is.

The Scorpio is for those who are NOT once bitten, twice shy. What next, a Snake?

The Nissan Sunny is for anyone whose name starts with Sunny- the options being Gavaskar, Deol, and a certain heroine of a Mahesh Bhatt film.

And the i20 is for all those who can count up to 20!


Diamond Head said…
That's a good way to pass time stuck in traffic, what with so many cars and so little streets - notice how time can pass where cars cannot!
Meghna said…
Hahaha.. That makes me a dil-o jaan lutane wala who can count till 20!
Rajendra said…
Actually, yes. Some of my worst jams were in L.A. and New York, apart from the perennial Bangalore ones. Like corruption, jams are global!

Meghna, it's nice that you have such sentiments towards your Love Bug.
Diamond Head said…
that is a good time to have a Jam Sandwich on whole wheat bread - esp Dippy's Pineapple flavor I remember being really good - no distracted driving since its just a jam in a jam - also can add 'jamming to some jagjit' to make it wholesome entertainment

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