Book Launch at Crossword Nagpur

Yours truly in the middle, flanked by Smita Dabholkar, a colleague at IMT, and Mr. Phanshikar, editor of Hitavada, the widest circulated daily in Nagpur, who was the Chief Guest. The book we are holding (my autobiography titled My Experiments with Half-truths) was the reason for this. It was published sometime ago through, an online Print-on-Demand publishing site. I had never thought about a retail launch, because it involved too much effort.

But thanks to Smita, who is a bundle of energy, this event happened yesterday at Crossword Nagpur. Well-attended (by an unknown author's standards), and well-compered by Smita, this gave me my hour of glory. Vijay Phanshikar (of the 3 'kars' fame- ha, ha) was very kind and very insightful in his comments on the book, which he seems to have enjoyed. It gave me new perspectives literally, adding four moons (char chaand) to the proceedings.

The audience ranged from 8 to about 60 in age, and patiently listened to my readings, including some Mallu jokes. All in all, a fun and enjoyable evening. Thanks to the audience. And Crossword, who did a wonderful job of organising it, including a mike that worked!


Diamond Head said…
Congrats. Mike se psyche hona aam admi ki Baat nahin..
Rajendra said…
The influence of one Mr. Ajit of the villainous kind is palpable...thanks.
ಭಾಶೇ said…
So, how cool was it?

Looks like you enjoyed your 'celebrity' time! ;) ha ha
Harimohan said…
Congrats Raja. The book could well have a longer run in days to come - no good humour in Indian writing - and your brand could well fill the gap. (Also hope it stops a lot of people from taking themselves too seriously qand taking time to laugh.) I will review the book now on my blog, and put some Mallu jokes from it as well. But good show, and my congratulations to Smita on pulling off this event so well - most book chains cannot do it half as well. Now you must do one on your years as a management guru, a teacher and certainly a sequel to this one.
Rajendra said…
Sowmya..close to freezing..pretty cool, I'd should do this with your poems one day.
Hari, the spirit is willing..let's see if the rest holds up. Yes, Smita gets all the credit for the well-organised show and turnout.
Vikash Kumar said…
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