Film Review of Non-stop

It has the thrills and suspense needed to keep you hooked for the 106 minutes, after a slow start. The post-9/11 idea of air marshals armed for a contingency is the base of the film.

But the way it is presented, as an attempted extortion through text messages, and a craftily planted bomb by a passenger, incriminating the marshal and provoking mistakes from him, is gripping. There are quick turns of events and red herrings (why are they red?) that maintain the pace. The killing of the pilot is ingenious.

Liam Neeson is good as the brooding, alcoholic air marshal who while accused of a hijacking, has to save a planeload of passengers.

May be a good idea to watch it on TV or DVD, because the dialogue would be easier to grasp fully.
Worth a watch if you like 'edge-of-the-seat' (quite literally here) thrillers.


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