Amazing Deals I got

I could not believe the deals.

A 3-bedroom villa in a Mumbai suburb for just a crore.

A 6-day holiday package to Greece and Italy for Rs. 30,000.

A collection of 10 top single malts for 10,000 bucks -Indian bucks.

A Pajero for Rs. 5 lakhs.

An ipad+Samsung Galaxy+Sony Vaio for Rs. 5,000.

A starter kit for a new home, classy furniture, with a washing machine, and jacuzzi, for Rs. 20,000.

A collection of 100 top Hollywood and Bollywood film DVDs for free if I bought any three of the above.

I was about to whip out my credit card, and have a go- I badly wanted the free DVDs, you see. But I stopped in my tracks when I read the conditions-

1. Watch Arnab on TV continuously for 5 nights.
2. Fly a Malaysian airliner in the next 15 days.
3. Watch 5 movies of Abhishek Bachchan or Sunny Deol or director Ram Gopal Varma back to back.


Meghna said…
Hahaha! Way to go imagining!
Rajendra said…
Imagination doesn't cost a cent, right?
Ken Jolly said…
What are the conditions if I wish to buy all 6 of the above ??
Rajendra said…
Ken, You have to give me the free DVDs you dream comes true.

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