Ni and Knee

Dedicated to some words ending with a ni - (a working knowledge of Hindi required)

Nani, as in "Hum unko nani yaad dila denge"- one of our former PMs.
Pani, as in a liquid that mankind has in plenty, except that it's mixed up with a lot of salt.

Advani, a person who is in a permanent tantrum and knee-jerk reacion, arguing to himself, "If that silent old guy can do it, why can't I?"

Soni, a term of endearment popular in Punjab, and therefore Bollywood, as in "soni kudi."

Honi, the opposite of anhoni, used effectively by Amar, Akbar and Anthony, who specialise in making things happen.

Akashvani, literally 'the voice from the sky' used tellingly in our epics to warn people of things good or bad. 

Shani, the planet god of Saturday, who specialises in not letting things happen, unless appeased. Resembles one of the above 'ni's?

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