La Di Dah

Some terms remain with you. Mine were mostly picked up from the gossip columns of Stardust, Filmfare, Cine Blitz etc. which I once read avidly, and some of its writing was actually good. Shobha De was a columnist in one of these mags.

Anyway, here's the lowdown on what some important people are doing today-mostly the la, di and dah types.

Mamata di went to Delhi and talked about Poribartan. The bartanwalis came to listen to her because it struck a chord.
Digvijay Singh opened his mouth. And shut it, before his foot got into it.

Lah -lu gave a speech that was stale as a samosa. Remember jab tak rahega samose mein aloo? It is time for pack-up, it seems.
Netaji put his own foot in his mouth, giving us his two bits about the '3 mistakes' that young men make, and should be pardoned for.

Kejriwal wore a towel and took a dip in the Yamuna..ooh la, la. If only he was a Salman, or at least a John Abraham.
Modi meanwhile had a quiet chai with his supporters.

Dah, goes the Facebook crowd, and puts up another selfie- this time with ink on the finger.
La haul bilaquwat, goes the Urdu-speaking crowd, looking at the general lack of political etiquette.

The Dream Girl goes about selling dreams.
A Dimple (not THE Dimple) dances on Gul Panag's cheeks as she campaigns in Chandigarh.

The show goes on, as it must.

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