Queen- Film Review

This is an interesting film for many reasons. First, the heroine is the hero. Barring Kahani in recent times, not many Hindi films have done this. Second, the film is about living your life more freely, whether you are a man or woman. The humour is understated, and sometimes you may miss it if you are not listening carefully, as in the Hash and Aish in Benares in the dialogue between Kangana and Lisa.

Again, it is rare for Bollywood to have realistic foreigners who are normal and not caricatures. The hypocrisy of the Indian male-oriented society also comes through effortlessly, but so does the hollowness of the kitty-partying females.

The drunken scenes and the encounters in the Amsterdam red-light area are handled well, and so are the nuances of the foursome staying in the hostel at Amsterdam. Lisa Hayden also has a very good role, as Kangana's friend and philosophy guide in Paris.

Refreshing, and a very nice change from Salman Khan-starring remakes of atrocious Telugu originals. Hats off to the director.


Diamond Head said…
the Queen is King you say? must add to b'list
Amlan Nayak said…
Interesting Sir!

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