The Sea and Food

That food from the sea can see us through many a drought, has been my theory for many years. A man living on the coast can never starve, if he can teach himself to fish. A dish containing fish multiplies in its price as it leaves the coast and travels inland. But there are places where seafood is quite cheap (relatively)- Thailand comes to mind. And Karwar, closer home.

Some of the most interesting seafood I ate has been in Calicut, aka Kozhikode. That is because we lived there a full two years, and had a chance to taste mussel, fish of many hues, and prawns. All quite yummy. A great thing about seafood is that it is fairly easy and fast to cook, and tastes good with minimal work. Mutton is the opposite, but delicious when done right. Lucknow kababs are a good example. Nizam's in Connaught Place is another. But I am digressing. Goa of course  has its fishy delights, from beach shacks to homes of friends. I have also eaten good fish at times in Kolkata, and even some of the tikkas in Delhi have been good. Some unusual seafood I ate was -

  1.  In France, our friend Anne made something out of a live sea shell that resembled a conch, that was quite tasty. 
  2.  I also have swallowed an oyster (you are supposed to) during a Christmas dinner in Greenwood, USA. 
  3.  A hot pot in Thailand had me cooking my own fish in a bowl of steaming water right at the table, and adding sauces of my choice to it a few years ago. I also remember long, long ago, in Hyderabad's tank bund, eating fish fry from the fisheries dept. stall. That was yummy!

Why I am on a seafood rhapsody today is- you guessed it- that we just went to a seafood joint called Nisarg in Pune. Quite nice, I must say. Might just do it again.

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Diamond Head said...

swim with the current friend..not against it

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