Some are planned, others fortuitous (hope that's the right word). Happened to do a bit of both. Or rather, both happened on this visit to Bangalore. I had a planned meeting with an IMT Nagpur (ex) student, and ran into another from PESIT while taking a walk. And yet another friend from my IIM batch.

It is always a pleasure to be recognised, more so when you least expect it. So it was this time. This is not the first time, because I have ex-students all over the country. The first time I was surprised was in Mumbai a few years ago when Padmapriya, ex-student from Kirloskar Institute met me after recognising me in low light in an instant. I thought with the grey hair and so on, that would be close to impossible. The second, at a Delhi airport, when another PESIT student found me, and said he was living in Delhi, married to a batchmate.

Monday's incident was also similar, as it was dark, and Sowmya appeared out of the blue (or black), and said she worked close by. Anyway, it was great catching up, and we did quite a bit of it. She is also responsible for the readership of this blog taking off (through her blog which is a good one).

Today there is a planned meeting on the cards, with a couple of faculty friends. The weather here is lovely, adding another dimension to the simple pleasures of life. Cheers to more such meetings, planned or not!


ಭಾಶೇ said…
It was very nice meeting you sir. If you wish not to get surprised, pls do inform :)
Rajendra said…
Actually, I love getting such surprises. So don't be surprised if you get a call sometime :)

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