Bangalore and Kodaikanal Musings

This time Bangalore was memorable for a meeting with Gowri and Sreeram, students I taught at IMT Nagpur a few years ago. I remember Gowri interviewing me for the student newsletter as I joined IMT. They are now husband and wife, and we had a catching-up session at a nice place - Green Theory? Sreeram is a budding author, and his first book is due soon. Also went to The City Institute with friends - it is a very old club, not an academic institute. Good ambience for a chat and a drink.

Golf is a strange game. It gives you a chance to be a Buddha, meditate while you play. It is also a game for the young and the old ('budhdha' in Hindi). You can get better at it only through hard work, and slip back into mediocrity without much hard work- it's easy. My ex-colleagues from IMT Nagpur, Vijayakumar and Gadgil, were co-conspirators,  who went to Kodaikanal with me. This was a repeat trip after last year. Had  a great time, with some good golfing and some bad. Made a par and a birdie on day 3, and a hole-in-one on the steep uphill 17th on day 4. Celebrated with a beer at the 19th.

Met a few intrepid lady golfers from Poona Golf Club there in Kodai, one of whom battled a leg injury and played! Also met a young lady who works in advertising from Chennai who was on a holiday with her kids. We took the kids around in a golf cart and they were really thrilled.

Stayed at the Sterling valley view in Kodaikanal,

which has a nicer ambience than the lakeside property we had stayed in last year. Pic no. 1 is that view.

The KSRTC bus from Kodai to Bangalore was bang on time, but the flight from Bangalore to Pune was late by a full hour!


Diamond Head said…
Grass does not appear green on the 'other' side
Rajendra said…
didn't want to turn anyone green with envy..
Anonymous said…
Oh I wish I too could have met you and Jayasimha Sir! :(
Rajendra said…
Maybe on the next trip, Parul.

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