PJ Hunting

Good PJs are virulent. They spread like a virus, I mean. They keep circulating in the virtual world, through mail, facebook, whatsapp, and what-have-you. They are an easy way to make people happy, though some will pretend to throw rotten tomatoes or make faces using various apps/emoticons.

Therefore, the hunt for good PJs is a worthwhile hunt. I saw a couple of good ones, but they are about Alia Bhatt. Since I don't want to go after the poor girl, I'll give them short shrift and try out some harmless (to her at least), original  ones-

Does appearing for a viva make you 'vivacious'?

Eating something in Delhi automatically makes it Delhicious.

How do you know whether your mali (gardener) is malicious?

Does lack of harmony do more harm than lack of mon(e)y? Refer to Cacophonix.

What happens when Yingluck is out of luck? Bang, she loses the throne under her Thai.

An old one from the archives- Good breakfasts are born, not bre(a)d.

Now some riddles/questions, to break the monotony (Mona, tum Tony ke saath mat sona. varna Monatony ho jaegi, to quote an Ajit joke).
  1. How would 'Bat'man face a googly? (I don't have the answer) 
  2. Why do cricket commentators and players use the word 'absolutely' without any reason? 
  3. Who is the 'ullu' (owl) common to all the Idea ads about Ullu banaoing? This is an easy (level 1) riddle.


Diamond Head said...

1. without his mask (I mean he is brave inside out no?)

2. and 3. Absullutely no idea

Anonymous said...

1. If he adds an extra a to his name and becomes 'baat' maan'

2. Reasoning and cricket are 2 different things

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