We Lead the World ...

People just don't understand. They go by short-sighted things like the GDP and Weapons of Mass Destruction (real ones like those in America or China or Russia) to judge how well a country is doing. Well, I would like to dispel these childish notions about nations and bring to your attention that India leads the world in many things. Such as-

1. No. of potential tourists whom we scare off each year. Amir Khan's trying to rectify that, but it'll be a while.

2. No. of journalists per square inch. This already big number doubles around politicians, criminals, and scamsters. And Rakhi Sawant.

3. Tons of Garbage per capita-uncollected, and spread equitably across the roads.

4. Number of unemployed engineers (we are still not sure if the coding armies of the IT world actually do any real work, so this could be revised upwards soon).

5. Number of suggestions that start with "They should.." or its equivalent. As long as we don't have to do any of the suggested things ourselves. The Japanese luckily did not start suggestion schemes with Indians as their citizens/employees. They wouldn't have known where to begin.

6. Metres of telephone cables per person.

7. Gigametres of roads dug up at any point of time, for reasons ranging from the ridiculous to well,.. ludicrous.

8. Meaningless blogs per square inch of brains.


Diamond Head said...

Paan consumption - I would argue India's appetite for chewing the raw leaf on a gross tonnage basis might rival what Americans consume through lettuce and Kale combined.

Rajendra said...

and you would be right, DH>

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