Savings Everyday

We make a mistake in that we count our savings in Rupees, Dollars or Euros. If we rack up all the savings in kind, we would all be zillionaires many times over. Don't believe me? Save our souls, here is a sample worked out-

1. Number of cricket matches, particularly IPL, not watched since the TV was invented..a zillion hours saved.

2. Serials (TV shows) of various in-laws and outlaws made by the famed production houses of Indian television unwatched...two and a half zillion hours saved.

3. Bollywood rehashes of Hollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, Kollywood and originals (fewer, admittedly than the earlier variety)- unwatched. Three zillion hours in the kitty, because these are usually longer than the TV shows.

4. Arnab Goswami delights (fist-fights with only his fists doing the talking) bypassed- Half a zillion hours.

5. Election speeches, debates, and other moronic material served up as serious fare- are you serious? Million hours, easily.

6. Arguments in life with the boss that remained on the lips, but were never uttered,..countless.

I am guessing, Manmohan Singh must be the biggest 'saviour' of all, by this count.

And what can be done with these 'multiple-zero' hours saved, do you think? I can list a few of my favourite things. I am sure you have yours too. These are multipliers of your savings, not deductions from them.

1. Listen to music.
2. Read a book. I read one about the elections, more on that soon.
3. Talk to a friend, or just forward a PJ on fb.
4. Play golf.
5. Have your favourite drink, in magnificient silence or over a sparkling conversation.
6. Take a beach vacation.
7. Blog...but of course!


Diamond Head said…
very enri(ea)ching

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