Duty in Dubai

Went to a short trip on duty, but once I was free,  I did not miss the duty-free shopping for my essentials (read good single malts-everyone's definition of essentials varies). Anyway, the trip was memorable for my meeting an ex-student and her husband and two kids. Her little girl was naughty as hell, and entertained everyone throughout, remaining awake till very late (for a 2-year old). The stay was at Al Muhaisnah in the Dunes hotel which also has service apartments. Saw a lot of kids playing cricket early in the morning- the day is hot right now. The course we (IIM Indore) run there is a weekend MBA/PGDM. There is also a regular program for traditional students on other days, at the Dubai Men's College campus in Academic City.

Happened to pass by IMT campus there,  on way to an eating joint for lunch. Having been a part of IMT, I had visited a couple of times. And Smita, my student I mentioned above, had also worked there as an HR exec.
Smita's family and I went on a meteor-gazing expedition around 4 am. Were happy to spot five shooting stars in the pre-dawn period. Forgot to make any wishes though!

Learnt a lot about traffic towards Sharjah in the short time I was there. Luckily, my trip back through the airport at Sharjah was quite pleasant. Saw a lot of Air Arabia flights taking off, including one to Nagpur and a lot of Southern Indian cities. 


Diamond Head said…
Arabian Nights with flying carpets..easy to forget about duty free.
Rajendra said…
flying stars it was this time.

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